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I live outside Portland, Oregon with my husband Jake, my dog and cat, and my baby boys, Marshall and Gideon. I binge a lot of television, I have a passion for food cooked by other people, and I love hearing and telling stories. 

I've been in business as a wedding and portrait photographer since 2015, and have had a camera in my hand since the days before digital. 

My photography style is a mix of photojournalism and traditional portraiture, which essentially means I like to catch genuine moments between classic poses.

My mission as a photographer is to become your friend
who just happens to also take great pictures of all of your important moments.


My Style


Photojournalism meets Traditional

If you are interested in using your photos as a passport back to those moments, Photojournalism is the way to go. For family portraits, I'm getting those posed smiles but I am also catching the laughs between. During weddings, I follow you throughout the day and deliver you a gallery of images that feel like a documentary. You'll get some sweet traditional portraits with your wedding party and family, but you bet I'll be catching you dancing on that bar later as well.

Rich Color
I am a big fan of rich, bold, authentic color. 
Part of the nature of photo-journalistic photography is to preserve the feel of the day, and I try to keep that in mind during my editing process. Color-washed, high-grain, or heavily-processed photos are beautiful, they're just not the kind of photos I deliver.

Blemish Control
I won't alter the shape of anybody's body or remove freckles or scars or anything else that belongs to you. I will lightly retouch formal portraits as needed, because a temporary bruise or blemish does not deserve the permanence of a photograph.

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